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Emily Scott and the Fell Down Trio: Stray Light

slow sync records (ssr-002 2014)


“A very fine album” (Roddy Hart, Radio Scotland)

“Strings to die for… impeccable music impeccably played” (Scots Whay Hae Blog)

“The strings are beautifully captured, and her writing for them highly skilled” (Herald Scotland)

“An utterly gorgeous album, and quite unlike anything I’ve heard all year” (17 Seconds Blog)

“An experimental powerhouse… Stray Light will leave you winded with its sheer depth of beauty and composition” (Ravechild blog)

“A bizarrely beautiful record… arrangements that have more in common with early twentieth century string quartet writing than they do with folk” (Haiver blog)

 “It doesn’t have any uke on but despite that obvious deficiency it’s incredible.” (Uke Hunt Blog)

Emily Scott: I write letters I never send

slow sync records (ssr-001 2011)


“Just perfect for late-night listening” (Iain anderson, Radio Scotland)

“This evasion of a comfort zone makes Emily Scott one of Edinburgh’s most cherished musical possessions. Free from constraint, her unbridled approach to expressionism creates a sound that’s crisp and poignant” (Radar, The Scotsman)

“I was blown away by it” (Ukulele Hunt)

“In short, it’s superb” (Drunken werewolf)

“Musically, vocally and lyrically this album offers something that many (if not the majority of) artists are unable to provide, a genuinely quirky and unique listening experience” (Peenko)

“It’s an album for finding yourself in, and losing yourself in” (Gigape)


Emily Scott: Abcdefg…etc…

12 tracks, aufgeladen und bereit (8th june 2009)


“Whimsical, charming, double bass inflected folk-pop with buckets of soul and unexpected melodic twists” (Vic Galloway, Radio 1 Scotland)

“She has a lovely voice alright… Delightfully simple like a cucumber sandwich and a small pot of tea…” (Norman Records)

“The kind of softly trimmed sepia that suggests her vocals have been prised from a slab of 78rpm shellac” (

“Lovely dream-like quality” (Cherrie McIlwaine, BBC radio Ulster)

“Quietly magical” (Boomkat)


Emily Scott: Longshore Drift

10 tracks, self release.

These are home-made cdrs, sold out, but I can make you a one if you want…


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