Perthshire: d’you play tunes?

IMG_2853Aww Perthshire Amber was so good to us! We had a lovely enthusiastic and inquisitive crowd at our Cabaret Amber gig, we hung out with some beautiful artists old and young, ate some great food, and then we did what we do at a session, in which we were asked “d’you play tunes?” by several people, and several glasses of wine later, we could safely conclude, “no, we don’t”. It was like as if our little band is from a hitherto undiscovered Amazonian tribe, we don’t speak that language, we do what we do, but it was nice to share our work, and hear theirs, in a warm and informal room, and the strings were pleasantly surprised at their balls to give trad a go, there were some highly impressive modulations, and Pete was excited to practise his ‘chopping’, an alien concept further accentuated by some inverted commas, I feel. In other news, there were some fine retro fittings in our hotel, not least this gem, and a Corby trouser press, whoop! I had nothing worth pressing, but next time I shall be better equipped and bring my smoking jacket and some nice slacks.

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