I’ve been thinking on that Joni Mitchell lyric ‘songs are like tattoos’ the last couple of days, thinking about lost tracks, things I wrote and recorded years ago and never did anything with, or gave away, and wondering if I still respect the me that made those choices and the moment in time that produced that work and why, or do these things shrivel with age and become an embarrassment, especially in the nowadays times where nothing really ever goes away. I was just discussing with Rob St John yesterday our new record, and how it seems to blossom by itself without much need for active choices; there is a strange confluence of events and people and choices that is greater than the sum of its parts, and that is a nice feeling. It’s funny how things come about, I mean, how does music happen??! I was going to link to one of these old lost songs, and then discovered I couldn’t find it anywhere; it is, in fact, truly lost, so I will have to launch a wide-scale body-search for this strange little tattoo, and get back to you. I’m going to buy an electric guitar, and that concludes the news for today.

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