Tour diary #7 Hartlepool

IMG_2298.jpg_effectedAwww Hartlepool! Wasn’t sure what to expect of this, but look at this cosy pub with its fine ales and artefacts. It was warm, too warm, because of all the humans inside breathing and such, and people came from afar to hear us sing our sad string songs, and lots of people were awfully nice, and one said ‘beautiful’ so many times in a Hartlepool accent I think of that word in that accent now and may never say it any other way, though I’m not sure I quite do it justice. You could say we played really well, everything was perfect, it was a great gig, though I had a bit of a descent into the murky depths of my mind for some reason and failed to fully enjoy myself, despite doing what I love and making an good stab at it, and having a tremendous band who are strangely devoted and have travelled far and wide to play with me. When you have one person not digging it in your audience, who can’t quite keep it in, it’s too easy to only see that person, and I’ve been so spoiled of late for super audiences, it’s ridiculous to focus on that one and feel that in some way I failed. I used to think that if I managed to touch even one person, it was a success, and I need to get back to thinking that way round. We were extremely kindly looked after and put up by the promoter Brian, and the lovely Mandy at the Fisherman’s Arms, a damn fine pub, if you’re ever in the vicinity. So it’s not like I’ve ended the tour on a downer, it’s just got a beautiful arc shape, like a perfect record.

Time to move on! Got a couple of projects on the go, ideas for collaborations still hatching, videos to edit, we’d like to do a Scottish/ Irish tour, not quite yet, but soon. Oh! and I forgot to say, not sure how, given the last paragraph, we did stop at the town Pity Me long enough to prove its existence in reality, and not just in song, just in case you were wondering. Thanks everyone who came to a gig this tour, bought a record, and especially to those who helped it all happen.


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