Tour diary #5: Edinburgh

IMG_2290.JPG_effectedAmazing Edinburgh!!! I forgot to take any photos of Edinburgh, probably because it’s so familiar I forgot I would need a photo for this, so here’s one from the road to Coldingham. We had such a beautiful time at our house concert, many old chums and new chums came to see our guest Lomond Campbell and us, and I think we all did ourselves proud. Our hosts were incredible as usual, some of the best folk supporting live music in the country, it was such a pleasure to be there. It’s so nice to get a good run at the music, we’re all starting to feel so comfortable with the set, I wish we could just tour it for another couple of weeks, but that’s it nearly over. Have a stack of projects to get stuck into so as to avoid a massive tour come-down, some collaborations still waiting to happen and a couple of composition projects of my own to occupy my thoughts and distract me from sad tour-endy feelings.

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