Tour diary #4: Oxford

ImageArg! About to go to Edinburgh for the next leg of our tour, and I still haven’t caught up on Oxford, I am like one of those trains of elephants with the last one’s tail in my mouth. Yes. Here are the boys having a little moment in the sun at our Oxford inn, which was as salubrious as we deserve, see how I said that, yet didn’t, but considering the night before we’d all had a pretendy-sleep, luxury’s very own lap! The loft at the Old Firestation Arts Centre was toasty warm, such sweet people, positively adorable, might’ve quite liked to have taken one home in a cello case. It’s a seriously cool place, loads of great arts development and social projects, we loved it. Gig was comfy, we always like a fairy light or two, and beanbags, and nice red wine, you get the picture, it was very cute. More than ably supported by Jess Hall and Julia Meijer amazing voices the pair of them, and particularly enjoyed Julia’s off-kilter melodies, like a good film they continue to circulate round my mind’s inner recesses; hats off, girls. And our hosts, the Seb Reynolds and the My Crooked Teeth looked after us charmingly. We feel plumped up like a big cushy feather pillow of a band and we shall now flump our way across the bed that is Scotland minding our hospital corners, to our erstwhile home, for tonight’s house gig. The mood: excited!

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