Tour diary #3: London


Ahhh England, your green and leafy suburbs tempt us once again, all wee roofs and rolling streams and winding roads and tiny hobbity houses, and I think, the best quality birdsong in the world. When I lived in New York, the thought of English birdsong would taunt me, as NYC birds are so used to city dwelling that they mimic car alarms and sirens, and I do distinguish it from Scottish birdsong, I don’t know why, it’s either the accent or it’s the added warmth of the sun. We had a 5 o’clock sit-up and an 8 o’clock set-off at a dear chum’s, what a delight it was, there’s not many a chum who would greet you with such grace at 4 in the morning. We closed our eyes for a bit and pretended to sleep, then rushed into town for our sound check. Oh my, I think Union Chapel is our all time favourite place to play, it’s a building that’s purpose built for awesome music, for real instruments and voices; the sound swells and billows and soars, and it’s perfect. I think we need to think about a tour of churches, it’s so great to hear the strings in their element. Union Chapel also has a (insert collective noun) of lovely and amazing sound engineers. And cake. It was glorious. Many thanks to Daylight music for having us!

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