Tour diary #2: Durham

ImageTour proper begins with our journey to Durham. A long-suffering lass at the car hire place watched me hum and haw like a dentist into the open maw of a wide array of vehicles to assess their cello-holding capabilites, despite my experience of getting double basses in cars, cellos are an unfamiliar bit of luggage, so it did take me a while, before plumping for “slick black executive mid-sized gangster car”. Turns out, though, very comfortable. The Old Cinema Launderette, run by Richard who is tireless and a probable genius, is a seriously cute venue! There’s not a lot of room to swing your bow, but the strings performed admirably in front of the washers right in the faces of our audience. Unplugged, we’re fans of the ‘what you hear is what you get’ kind of gig, it’s comfortably like the sound when we play together in my living room, like in my dream where we all live together and I’m constantly producing new music and the band are always at hand to play through stuff, there is a pervading smell of home-baking, and my flat is like one of those jewellery boxes where you open the lid and the music starts, and I am a rotating ballerina. A quick catch up with a dear ol’ pal ensued, then we set off for our epic night-drive to London, missing the main act, Gibb and Lucas, sorry about that, it’s something we make a point of not doing, but we had a 10am soundcheck very very far away to make, sorry, please, thankyou. I feel if this was a film and not a blog post, we would be entering some sort of psychedelic montage right now to portray our resulting sleepless state. More later…

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