Tour diary #1: Glasgow


Aww, well it’s not really a tour yet if you’re still in your home town, and just round the corner at that. But ho! We had an emotionally charged, let’s say, afternoon. A viola mishap and last minute personel changes, high stress levels in the run-up to the tour, ticket anxiety, record anxiety, all culminating in a disastrous (mascara everywhere) sound check, but thanks to a heroic talk-down by Adam Stafford ahead of his guest slot, the gig happened, people came, people were nice, the Glad cafe and the staff were awesome, all is well. It’s amazing how one minute you can be a rational, professional person, then suddenly everything slides into a sort of sitcom before your eyes, or in your eyes, then down your cheeks, making you look like a boiled ham, and everyone around you a bit awkward. At least due to the number of gigs we’ve had this week, more people have seen me sing than cry, so there is a balance, and there were lots of lovely faces at the gig, not a boiled ham in sight, so at least it’s not contagious. Amusingly enough, my tour folder, containing all the details of when/what/where is titled “Emily’s Tour Breakdown”, so I suppose it had to happen, and may as well have been at the start, rather than in the middle. Onward! Ela Orleans played a blinder as usual, and is just a wonderful friend and fellow. Both Ela and Adam are so inspiring to me in terms of their output of quality work and uncompromising and individualistic creativity, they completely rock.

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