And on we go and so on…


Here she is, our starlet. So there’s much being done, I am like the proverbial duck’s legs. I’ve been managing the tour, making last-minute string arrangements for ridiculous last-minute songs to sing on tour, getting ready for the release, it seems to occupy all of my brain and more. Here’s a video I made using the wonder of stop-motion. You reallise when you’re in the middle of these things that perhaps they weren’t such a great idea, and even more ludicrous when I think that I know several actual animators quite well, but ho! we have no budget, so this is what you get: the inner workings of my mind materialised in the manner of the inner workings of my teenage mind. The album’s going to go up for pre-order early this week, just as soon as I can drum up the courage to press ‘Publish’ on my Bandcamp page. Is everyone like this? I’ve completely over-exerted, I may need a nap. And here is the link to Vimeo. I couldn’t do Youtube, I just couldn’t get the blinking thing to work.

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