London, and autumn leaf shufflings


So dears, I went to London for another little turn of the stage at the 12Bar Club, which went, you know, fine. I am getting better at London, and it is not so much getting the better of me. Beforehand I wandered the streets in search of a uke strap, a quest which was met with a bit of derision from some guitar boys in the Denmark St music shops, and which was eventually satisfied by a curious chap in Hobgoblin, who offered me sweets and tried his best to dissuade me from pursuing the autoharp. I am one cute little leather sling for my uke better off; I know one shouldn’t need such a thing, but if one is ever to try more twiddly music than what resides in one’s comfort zone, one needs a bit of a prop. I found this goose in Camden lock, look, here he is contemplating his existence.
Back home in the leaf scrunching streets of the Southside, I am getting ready for the strings to attack the new music I’ve written them, it’s odd, and perhaps more ‘me’ than anything I’ve ever done, and whether that is a good thing or not, it’s an honest thing; I look forward to their rendition this weekend. Collaborations are afoot with Found and RM Hubbert at Hogmanay and playing a bit of bass for someone new, will post links when all this is more than afoot. Like a foot plus a bit of shapely ankle.

Now booking our tour for June, and this is coming together nicely with some great support from various scattered towns around the UK. If you would like us to play in your town, or your living room, or small but perfectly formed venue let me know via the usual channels, smoke signal, yodel etc. Don’t know what shape we’ll get when we join up the dots yet, a goat, a witch, a windmill…

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