ImageDearhearts, as Autumn encroaches, we return from the delights of the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival where a great time was had by all. We played our sad songs, people cried into their hand-crafted beers, it was lovely. We were a little apprehensive about how our material would go down, as we are not the usual perky ukulele types that abound at such things, but we were met with extraordinary kindness and appreciation that we feel a bit fuzzy now, a kind of cotton wool-bound safety that is appealing in these colder climes. I am in such amazement that our little green van served us so well again that I have now vowed to clean it, inside and out, for its dedicated service to comfortable band journeys to date. And in the interests of good housekeeping, I also vow to open up my harmonium and work out what is wrong with the pedal at last, and fix it, and then write some songs upon it. Here’s to a few months of pyjama-clad twiddling about on refurbished instruments and creating some new sounds.

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