I know it would appear I’ve been sleeping, dear people, but there’s no rest for the likes of me, I’ve just gone underground is all. Rest assured, there shall be some new developments soon, new songs, new projects, new collaborators, all kinds of new things when the spring cometh. I have been writing songs with music, and music with words, playing a lot of classical bass, teaching my wonderful ukulele class, working out a future for myself and the band, taking new directions while trying to remain whole and warm. My flat is freezing, and the draughts howl at night, but there’s a raving woman who sits on the bench outside shouting expletives at passers by, like a vixen in the night, so things could be worse, dear readers, I know I can rely on your ever soft and blankety support.


2 thoughts on “sleep

  1. So happy to hear that there’s some new music on the way Emily. That song you did called “Would you say” on the Ukulele Hunt podcast is probably the most beautiful and amazing thing I’ve heard – more please!

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