Houston/ Austin

So can I just say I’m so used to being treated kindly with Texan manners, and being called ‘ma’am’, that it’s going to be a bit of a shock returning home to the grunts and shuffles of normal life. Houston is strange, I don’t get the driving all the time thing, I don’t know how anything joins up, but I met some amazing people and teamed up with the charming and erudite BE Godfrey and his band for a couple of rehearsals and a show in Austin, and a show in Houston. The world is amazing! It seems mad to me to travel all that way across the globe, and still find a musical connection and a way to work together, that actually works. I suppose it could’ve been awful, but it was great! I never liked the way some bands seem to tour around and not actually meet anyone or listen to any local music; I think more people should connect! This sounds strange I know, coming from a shy retiring type such as myself, but perhaps I’ve learned that life’s too short to float around in your own bubble all the time. Even though I like my bubble. My bubble’s good.

Yep, most of my Texan photos are of various different signs with clip-on lettering, usually food/sport/god in tone, and abandoned/sleeping shop interiors, nothing actually informative, and not exactly tourist-board stuff. Hey-ho!

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