New York to Philly

Dear Gentleman Benefactor at the Back
I have since discovered you ‘slipped me a Benjamin’, as I’m reliably informed that’s called, and I gave you a cd. May I take this opportunity to thank you properly for your kind and gracious act, and apologise for what was clearly a 10-buck thank-you at the time. I have learned my lesson, and it was an amazing gesture even when I thought it was a ten dollar bill, but if your government would have your mint make money that was different colours and sizes like mine does, well, that would help. I think I will suggest it next time I’m at the White House. I also hope it wasn’t a mistake, I feel like you knew I’d reallise when I got home, as you’d cleverly folded it longitudinously, which I think is not the norm.

Did I mention how much I loved that evening? I also drank some frozen Mojitos and chatted to some pals from the good ol’ days, one of whom was Stan, who took some pictures of me in my thrift-store sweater, and who later went off in search of Yoko Ono, and why would one not? I’ve been trying to add these to my gallery page, but I’m not really sure how that works, so here’s a big’un, and Stan should be happy I’ve not put his work through a vintage photo mangle…

Well, Pennsylvania was really nice. I played at Burlap and Bean, a great independent coffee house; they roast their own, don’tcha know? Like Artisan Roast, when they had their roaster, and without the penchant for moustaches.

Tireless in their support for local music, they treated me like a lady, and well, I’ve got to say I liked it. There was a large and loyal crowd for headliner for Laura Shay, and she was fabulous enough to have an online streaming thingy-man all set up so her loyal fans elsewhere could watch her from afar. I told my husband about this, and he was able to see me sing my charmingly slap-dash chansons from the comfort of our boudoir, in his smoking jacket and slippers, I imagine with some bawdy Islay malt to wet his whistle, all 3000-odd miles away. Sorry I didn’t tell all you about it, well, it was late for you folks back home, and I wasn’t convinced at the time, and I quite liked the idea that my one fan was watching but now I think it’s a marvellous invention and must try to do more videoey internetty adventures in the future. Here’s all I really saw of Philly whilst passing by…

Now that I’m blogging from the plane leaving New York, I feel I should be giving slightly over-wrought fashion advice instead of self-indulgent indie-folk musings. I did overhear this nugget on the train today so I might as well share, and pay attention as it might be important. “OhmyGAWW-ud, you, like, SEOOWW have to get one of those mo-SCHEEN-oww BE-yults, they NEVUHH go on SAY-ull, so you’re gonna, like, HAFF-tuh get one now, with those LEOOFFerrrs that would look the SHITT.”

I spent a fine evening in Brooklyn. When you live in Queens, you don’t see a lot of Brooklyn. It’s great. I love Brooklyn. My sister in-law on viola and her wonderful piano pal played a beautiful house-concert, accompanied by a parrot, who said ‘hullo’ in a deep deep voice like Dirk Bogarde, and we went onto the roof, and well, all I can say is life in the Burbs is where it’s at, people. A panoramic view of the entire Manhattan island, and some other stuff, not all of which would fit inside my tiny phone camera, but here’s the general idea. Y’see you don’t see Manhattan when you’re in Manhattan, so why do all y’all live inside there all stacked up like that?

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