New York

Hi all, well I thought I’d update you on the progress of my intrepid travels through a small pea-sized amount of America. I’m in New York, my former home-town, where I taught music and art for a few years, ever-so-slightly more than a few years ago. It’s amazing to be back, I’ve spent a lot of time just wandering and soaking in the atmosphere, I haven’t taken nearly enough photos, not that I’ve seen it all before, you know, just, I keep forgetting.


Here’s the Flatiron building, I almost missed it, as I was distracted by the fabulous deli that is Eatalie on the corner, it’s huuge, New Yorkers know a bit about delis, it has to be said. I don’t feel like a New Yorker anymore, in fact, I feel more of a clueless tourist than when I very first came here, as I feel like I should know absolutely everything, I should know my way around without a map, I should be the one barging past all the others and sticking my hand in the closing subway doors, but I’m not. So I’m going to have to come back soon, and not leave it so flamin’ long.

And so I made an appearance at the Sidewalk Cafe, I hung out there a bit in my past, and thankfully it’s not too changed; I had a nice crowd of old and new faces, kind and sweet, and then only afterwards I reallised the magnitude of what I just did (not on a global scale, you understand, just in the scale of my own miserable existence), and felt like having a blub in the toilets. Am so happy to sing for people. In other parts of the world. How lucky am I? I missed my band rotten though, next time, we’ll do it all properly.

Have to run, am going to miss my bus to Philly!

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