some new projects, festival madness, and all that

Well, it’s been a while, dear people. It’s summer already, for crivens out loud! Edinburgh festival nearly upon us with its big ol’ clumpy feet, late nights and inconvenient bus take-overs. Am taking advantage of the latter, dear reader, to walk everywhere, thus feeding my mind with the fodder of other people’s music via the wonder of the aforementioned marvellous ipod, and the subsequential shrinking of my bottom.

Some exciting news on the gigs page; what I hope will be a delightful show at the House Concert venue of choice on the 24th August, featuring the strings of wonder, Kate, Rik and Pete (in pitch-decending order) and a very special guest in the form of Neil Pennycook of Meursault. He just packed out the Queen’s Hall to release the new album ‘Something for the Weakened’, so if you haven’t already received the memo, book now to avoid disappointment. The man can sing, with great big lungs that one fears may burst with feeling, so I’m delighted he’ll be with us.

In other news, there will be a few glamourous cabaret appearances, Tricity Vogue on the 4th, Lach’s Antihoot probably on various slightly squiffy after-show occasions, and Queens of Antifolk on the 13th and 20th, hope y’all can come along, all great nights for soaking up the Festival vibe with some great-great-great performers, and did I mention to y’all, it’s free?

I’ve got the bass out of the naughty cupboard and am ssssssssooooooooo excited to be working at some stuff and some singing things with the very fabulous Marry Waterson and Oliver Knight. It’s all great, trips down to the wondrously named Robin Hood’s Bay, some practise, some fun times, no beachcombing yet, but will put in my bid for that next time, I’ve seen the beach from afar, and it’s an unruly mop of a beach, ripe for combing.

They’re just about to release their lovely new album ‘Hidden’ in September on One Little Indian, look out for that baby!

In the meantime Hope to see you at the Fringe! Did I mention I’m on Twitter? @TragicUkulele if you’re so inclined!

Em and the band, xxx

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