Modernity, or why my face is stuck in a screen ALL the time.

So “i write letters i never send” is now available on iTunes. It took me long enough, but there we have it, I know how to do that now. This self-release thing is a bit of a mystery still, but I think the next time round, it’ll be like clockwork, well, maybe the kind of clock you get in a 195os movie, with the mechanical date panel on one side, all set in a ‘gold’ brushed metal casement.

Simultaneously, as I’m now a technological behemoth, you see, I’ve also joined Twitter, where I’m learning to meander through my day like everyone else, face stuck in my phone, constantly updating people as to my whereabouts, what I’m eating and the very minutiae of my existence. Fascinating stuff, I assure you! I’m @TragicUkulele, if you feel so inclined.

In other news, I’m writing more and more slightly tragic and nostalgic songs for our Fringe gig, which shall be on the 24th August 2012, SAVE THE DATE. It’s not in the programme, it’s just in my gold “Ladydate” diary (with tiny pencil included) at the moment, but it is happening, and will be marvellous.


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