tour diary day8: sheffield

sheffield, oh sheffield.

there’s always one. sheffield was always going to be a risk for us, knowing only 3.5 people there between us all, and two of them had the ‘flu, so we winged it slightly and on arriving at our afternoon bookshop gig, it became apparent that our feather duster of publicity had failed to tickle the fancy of the good folks of sheffield, so that was a washout. and so it was with dampened spirits that we lugged our gear up to our evening house concert, but to our delight were recieved by a fine evening, a bonfire and copious fairy lights, an engagingly warm and inviting audience of all ages including a pair of boisterous huskies; order was at once restored to the world, and favourable thoughts once again bestowed upon sheffield. sheffield, you are redeemed! many thanks to our house concert host, D, for putting us on, may we be so bold as to encourage this behaviour? more of this!! all of our gigs have been so full of this spirit of kindness and warmth, we feel veritably fuzzy.

On the nature front, the band have indulged my every whim coming on tour with me in the first place, but it seems i perhaps tipped them over the edge by requesting a swing by sheffield’s local alpaca farm… those of you who know me will know i’m a big fan of these quizzial long-necked creatures, and if we’d had room in the van, or indeed, room in the band there’d be trouble…

hurrah! just one more date to go and the car’s still fine!  xx

One thought on “tour diary day8: sheffield

  1. ah emily , you and your band are now always welcome !
    thank you so much for the amazing gig – you have fans in sheffield and your numbers can only swell.
    see you any time you are passing through
    dee x

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