tour diary day7: oxford

Well now, England is indeed a green and pleasant land, and Oxford is full of foppish handsome types in eclectic knitwear scooting around on bikes, just like in Inspector Morse, as one had hoped. We spent a little down-time, and perhaps slightly more down-time than we really deserved, but when faced with a real ale and this…

…one simply must deflate and soak in the atmosphere. We almost went punting, but the one-frock-a-day wardrobe wouldn’t have put up with falling in, so we contented ourselves with watching the ducks. We’ve been debating our next tour, and wondering if a tour of floating venues would be possible, will research that, we could even rope in the 80s wedding band theme very conveniently.

Our venue was a superb little bookshop called the Albion Beatnik, everyone should go there, and the gig was very ably promoted by the very kind Feed the Birds, so a great time was had by all, listening to Rob St. John and Arthur Sawbridge, and having a peruse through the vintage 20s-40s fiction shelves, which could’ve happily strapped onto the roof of our charabanc, but I contented myself with Agatha Christie’s secret notebooks. Warm, warm people.

We stayed at a pal’s; anyone with a garden in Scotland would blanch at the mere idea of tomatos growing outside in mid October, but such is as it is in Oxford, England that oh so very green and pleasant land, the garden was in mid-summer fruition…

making us all wish we had chosen to live a bit further south..

More later… Sheffield…Glasgow…2 more sleeps!



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