tour diary day5/6: londoooonnnnn

ok so we’re a bit behind here, things conspire to leave us without technology so the regular blogging thing is un peu difficile de temps en temps. hear ye! hear ye! hurrah for london town! the most rock’n’roll venue to date was the 12bar club, a fine establishment in soho, all black and red brick and sweaty walls (though we looked curiously like a 1980s cruise-ship-wedding-band, a look which is warming on us, having quite by chance worn black and red, the only thing missing was a light-up revolving bow-tie, note to self…). We were treated to a fantastic line-up of support, including a great song about a big black cat by good weather girl, that was definitely my favourite song of perhaps the last decade. Speaking of black cats… Pete thought his luck was in when our lovely hosts left a note on the kitchen table for us… George is our favourite tour cat so far, charming and brave (doing his best to mewl at the big old fox parked in the garden, and keeping Pete company while he worked)

(the other side of the note reads… out of the dining room… for shame!)

Here’s the fox, incidentally, (she says, welcoming the extra hits to her blog from nature lovers, again, as well as the unsavoury youth who type the words “emily scott, the fox” into the internet, thinking that will avoid this page, ha-haH!)

yes, caught up with some old chums in london, great fun all round, here’s a picture of some of us on stage in case you imagine this is a nature ramble, not a rock’n’roll tour:

ta-tah, folks, more later. xx









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