tour: day4 manchester

yay! it was a day of not-very-rock’n’roll-parental-kindness, in that we stopped off on the way at pete (cello)’s mum and dad’s for breakfast, after our ridiculously early start on monday morning, had a look at his dad’s INCREDIBLE model railway. did i mention i like people who make things themselves? well, this took 53 years and was entirely hand crafted and engineered from scratch, and extends around a whole room, yes, indeed it does… that’s my leopard arm looking on in astonishment…

…then sent away with a lemon cake (and a plastic spoon with which to eat it) in the back seat, and then spent the night at rik (viola)’s mum in manchester, well fed and mothered, am thinking making a tour poster covered in pictures of cake was a self-fulfilling prophesy, and now the band won’t go anywhere without the promise of a very fine victoria sponge. we spent the night before in a salubrious little establishment in eyemouth, where rik (viola) perhaps didn’t sleep a wink because of the early discovery of a large bug in the corner of the room… pete took a photo of it: but…


…later kate did a bit of research and we’ve actually witnessed something of entomological import, as the open air laboratories project are looking for sightings of this particular beast, so it’s very exciting to be useful to man and country. it’s a devil’s coach-horse, incidentally, she said, welcoming the ensuing hits to her blog from various bug-hunters nationwide… just as well Pete took a picture though, otherwise we’d have to go back and search through the undergrowth of eyemouth with a fine tooth comb to find it again, as it was prompty ejected (gently, sorry) from the window.

the gig, yes the gig, sorry, was in matt and phreds, a cool little red-walled womb of a venue in the northern quarter, where an early pre-noodly-jazz crowd came and looked quizzically at our need for music stands, and lack of inclination to wig out in 17/8 time at great volume, but it was great, in its own special way, hurrah! we’re on a laundry day tomorrow but i’m sure there will be much exiting news to report nonetheless, then london town on wednesday.

more tomorrow darlings!

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