tour diary day3: coldingham

how lovely.

we weren’t quite prepared for the loveliest welcome that we did in fact receive at Coldingham village hall, what a delight! we played our little hearts out like the littlest birds, and people were lovely, and dave, who is our new hero, did a supreme job of sorting out our sound and lights. some things went a bit wrong; there was a small amount of drama, but pete (cello) fixed it, including the sticky-out thing that made the alarming noise in the car (nothing to worry about, now, mum…) and the di boxes that didn’t work, and the pluggy-in things that no-one else knew what to do with. dave, our new hero, was a champion throughout all, and here he is up a ladder:

in addition to the minor drama that was the car, and the pluggy-in things, was the fact that half-way through the second half of our set, there was a very strange noise which i jovially mentioned sounded just like rushing water, at which point rushing water started, well, rushing in through the ceiling and down the light fitting, AT us.

It’s all fine though. Here’s a pic of the gig, the only one in focus, because when the water came in, we all moved about so fast that all the pictures are a blur (though we note that in the face of an unglamourous death by electrocution, my husband kept on taking pictures…) otherwise you’d see that the band were in fact with me…

more tomorrow, it’s late, and we’ve been to manchester and i’ve not told you about it……………………………………………

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