tour diary day2: edinburgh

hurrah! the cd launch. everyone was a bit frantic beforehand, the thought of impending upheaval weighing heavy upon me, creating the need to babble endlessly about nothing in particular much to everyone’s amazement, (this even extended to speaking on stage, NO WAY!!) but freezing any ability to actually DO anything constructive. It’ll get to the point today, where we put everything in the car and go, and that will be it.

here’s the album! we launched it, like a big old ship, in style at the third door last night. many thanks to ed from ten tracks for putting on the show, and to supports yusuf azak for his beautiful twiddly-diddly guitar songs, and lorraine mccauley for her sweet folk-pop with added clever boys. all bands had a viola in them, the night was a veriable plethora of deep and stringy goodness. we loved it. lots of people came.

okay, byeeeeeee. to the village hall with us.

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