tour diary day1, newcastle

ok so this wasn’t strictly on the tour, but it feels like it for me, as am all packed and ready to go. newcastle’s lovely, wish you were here etc etc…great wee gig at the jumpin’ hot club, though i wasn’t exactly jumpin’ much, more a melancholy sway. eric taylor’s a fine gent. great, tangent-heavy rambling stories along the lines of garrison keillor’s prairie home companion, but texan, a story i can’t quite get out of my head about jonny cash’s mum selling jonny-cash-branded porcelain thimbles, so I’m thinking the emily scott pinnies aren’t such an outlandish prospect after all… here’s the view from live theatre: yes, i think i’ll leave the camera behind on tour and just use my phone, okay?

so, we’ve got the launch tonight in edinburgh, am glad to say the cds arrived in the nick of time yesterday, and i have to say they’re looking pretty cute, the manufacturing people were so thorough in pointing out any flaws i’d become resigned to them looking really, well, crap, but this is not the case! they’re just very thorough people, who work through a magnifying lens, and normal people look at the big picture. the big picture being, at the moment, 5 massive boxes of cds on the living room floor!

band’s about to arrive for a quick scrape through some songs. have embraced technology in acquiring an AB box, who knows what that is.

yayyyyy! tour!

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