new deliveries, past success, present panic…

new cardHullo all, Hullo mum,

Well now, here’s a fine thing. I just had to show you the letterpressed lovelieness that arrived on my doorstep, packaged in brown paper…don’t you just love things that are slowly cranked out in small numbers, but so perfectly formed! Ahaaaa! Hurray for all skills old-fashioned! More of this!

In other news, promo copies of the album have been posted out to a select few, like little shoots forging through the mud towards the light. Self-releasing is marvellous, in that it’s old-fashioned, slow, and perfectly formed, see above, but gadzooks am I tired, it’s all terribly complicated, despite being very simple music, bring back wax cylinder!

We enjoyed our sell-out Edinburgh Festival gig, thank-you very much. We even get an official logo that says as much. It was great. Although, it was a bit like ‘Waiting for Guffman”, in that Guffman never showed, and as it was a SELL-OUT gig, his/her seat remained empty throughout, preventing people who were turned away from enjoying our extreme loveliness. Oh well here’s some reviews anyway;

“*****that was kick-ass” (kevin)

“*****how tall were the violinist’s shoes?” (nicola)

“*****your hem was coming down, i asked colin if he had a needle and thread(????) but he didn’t” (mum)

Present panic and delight includes upcoming tour and album release. Dear Sam at the cd factory is sorry he ever, in a daze after just returning from holiday, unwittingly picked up the phone last Tuesday. He deserves cake, and then a holiday.


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