recent things, and odd breakfasts

You know it’s going to be good day when you’re working from home,  and as well as the usual pot of coffee on the brew, there’s a cupcake for breakfast, swiftly followed (and this may alarm you), by some char-grilled calamari. One could never do such things in company…

Am spending my day fixing some tour dates, (or trying to), getting promotional copies of the album ready, working on album-proper artwork, plugging in the recalcitrant scanner, speaking to the LOVELY letterpress people, finishing a string arrangement, all kinds of musical goodness. More hours in the day please!!!

In other news, I wrote the music for a wee animation for the amazing group Cedar (Children Experience Domestic Abuse Recovery), which is a resource for 8-12 year old children recovering from domestic abuse; it’s called Mikey and Jools Keep Safe, animation by the lovely Nikki Godley and features all kinds of instruments played in a tiny room in my flat. This was a great foray into “proper job composition”, and an amazing opportunity to learn the ins and outs of home-recording in the process. I went to a screening at the Traverse in Edinburgh, and was amazed by the response; a pleasure to be a small part of this worthwhile project.

More soon, dears.

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