listening to music in my ears

So i recently got an i-pod. You may have heard of them; what a marvellous idea, music while you walk! I don’t think it’ll catch on, but I’m willing support these poor madcap inventors while the fad lasts. I’m feeling wired for sound. On rotation at the moment is Elvis Costello (whom I could eat) and Bonnie Prince Billy (whom I’m ashamed to not have listened to much in the real world but now that he’s singing directly into my ears, is the best thing ever), and i’m enjoying the constant lurking of elegantly orchestrated strings. I’m wondering why more people don’t ask Kirsty for a string quartet as their luxury item on their desert island…

I’m now booking a mini-tour in October. Contact us by email if you can offer us a gig in your local venue, laundrette, library, etc. (Or come join me circling the town, hands on ears, leg-warmers hugging the tops of my roller-boots…)

One thought on “listening to music in my ears

  1. Hey Emily! Hooray for your new blog. Well, on the Puppet State iPod your first two albums are consistent in-car crowd-pleasers. Looking forward to the next one. And btw I happened to see Bonnie Prince Billy when I was in Chicago last year. He is very cool. And has legs that have lives of their own. A bit like Joe Cocker’s arms. Right, you’re going on our blogroll straight away!

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